Seminar on October 23

On October 23, I presented a seminar on the Factors Inhibiting Warm Sector Supercells in Central Oklahoma on 20 May 2019 at the Convective Meteorology (Mesoscale Dynamics) Seminar Series at the National Weather Center

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  1. Do you have slides, a transcript and/or video of your seminar? That was indeed a rather uneventful day for supercells in central Oklahoma. I recall passing by several otherwise prospective looking convective towers under a veil of cirrus and smoke as I traveled south and west from OU that afternoon (OU was closed that day due to the likelihood of high-impact weather in and around Norman). One of those rain showers in particular near Carnegie kicked up a tremendous amount of dirt and debris from the surrounding countryside as it collapsed. Eventually, I caught a glimpse of the tornado-producing supercell thunderstorm that impacted Mangum as it moved toward the north and east out of the Texas Panhandle through southwest Oklahoma. Here is my telemetry from that day:

    1. Thank you for the note and your perspectives on this, Lawrence. Your comment about the convective towers beneath the cirrus and amid the smoke is consistent with what I’ve heard from other storm chasers and scientists about that day. The presentation was not recorded, but I am preparing a manuscript and will be happy to share when ready.

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